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Are the tiles handmade?

Yes, there are handmade. They are made one by one in hand and that's what makes them unique.

Are the tiles painted? Does the design go off?

No, they're not painted. They have a compact layer of material 4-6mm and this makes them time-resistant. There are in our laboratory samples of tiles made over a century without any damage.

Are they ecological?

Yes they are. They are made by natural construction materials and during their fabrication a small portions of energy is needed.

Are they absorbent?

As all cement products they are absorbent so we need to add a protective coat on their surface. This procedure may be done by us in the factory or during installation.

How are they installed?

They have the same procedure as normal tiles - only add some latex in the mix for more durability in time.

How are they cleaned?

Very simple, nothing special. Only note that acid may affect their color.

Does the cement tiles get cutted for fitting?

Yes, using equipment used in normal tiles.

Are there skirting boards?

Yes there are available for all designs and patterns plus special pieces for steps etc.

What shapes and dimensions are there?

Tiles are manufactured in a number of different sizes and shapes. However, if you do not see what you want, just ask us if there is, or if it does not exist, to construct it.

Can I make my own design?

We have a great variety of designs, but if none of them fits you, it is possible to create your own unique design or logo at a reasonable cost. Also, if you want to build an old tile with a design that does not exist in our collection, we can bring it to life again, simply by presenting us a photograph of it.

How many colors can I choose?

There is no limit to colors, we can choose what ever we want from a wide variety of palette colors«”BENJAMIN MOORE CLASSIC»

How many different colors can a tile have?

From 1 (single color tiles) to 10, if the design fits.